Cache Valley Community Health Center – Hyrum, Utah

Cache Valley Community Health Center - Hyrum, Utah

26 West Main Street, Suite 3A
Hyrum, Utah 84339


(435) 245-6988
Fax: (435) 245-6987



Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

Your Health Professionals

Colby Martin, PA-C

Colby Martin, Physician Assistant, is a native of Cache Valley, who grew up in Wellsville and Providence. He graduated from Utah State, then went on to complete the Red Rock’s Physician Assistant Program in Colorado while earning a Masters of Medical Science Degree...

Your Behavioral Health Professionals

 Health Insurance Marketplace Certified Application Counselor

Our Services

Primary Health Care Services

Wellness/Preventive Health Care Visits
Annual Physicals
Sports Physicals
Division of Transportation Physicals
IV Therapy
Treatment & Management of chronic Illness, such as:
Treatment of Acute Illness, such as:
Upper Respiratory Infections
Joint Injuries and Sprains
Minor Fractures
Cuts and Scrapes
Ear Infections
Lesion Removal


Mental & Behavioral Health Services

Counseling for groups, couples, & individuals
Therapy sessions for addictions, depression, anxiety, all forms of abuse, mental diseases, & eating disorders.

Laboratory Services

Urine Pregnancy Test, Rapid Strep, Urinalysis, Protime/INR, rapid influenza, rapid mono, etc.

Interpretive Services

We provide interpretive services for all patients with communication barriers.  Please let our staff know when scheduling so accommodations can be made.

Bear Lake Community Health Centers has after hours clinical advice services available 24/7

Cache Valley Community Health Center - Hyrum, Utah